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Our Story
The With It Or On It Brand™ name is inspired by a Spartan Empire legend involving the mothers of the soldiers. The legend claims that before every war or battle, the mothers would speak to their sons and tell them, "Either come back with your shield or upon it." The mothers wanted their soldiers to give their all in battle or else it is not even worth fighting. That lesson of giving 100% in every endeavor is the backbone of our brand. Whether it's a job interview, a sports practice, or a night out with friends, you better end the night "With It Or On It." Our founder lives by that motto daily, and installs the same drive in the products we create. We hope that you, our customers, can apply our brand to everything you do. Enjoy our brand. 
Founder: Coleman Cush
  Founder: Coleman Cush
Coleman is a student at Pennsylvania State University. He started the With It Or On It Brand™ to help spread a message he lives by everyday (explained above). The brand began in January of 2021 as an idea and quickly grew to fruition.